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If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door

We've many doors to help your business really grow. Our top rated services include - market research, business planning, SEO, digital marketing, internet advertising, online branding, website design, website audit, web application development, web hosting and more.


Get a stunning website just at a cost of a cup of coffee per day. It’s hard to believe, but we have many low cost plans for you. You may choose one from multiple options that suits your requirements and budgetary allocations. You may either maintain and manage your website on your own convenience or ask us to do everything for you. You may either have a simple website just to showcase your products and services or a dynamic interactive one to do all business activities in more controlled way. The sky is unlimited for you. Fly as high as you wish..


Digitization is the only way for sustenance of a business in the coming days. If you want to grow at low advertising and marketing cost or if you want a wider market for your business, in no way you can over estimate the power of digital marketing. You have the option of boosting your business through our creative Digital Marketing strategies and innovative Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Along with strategic content development, we specialize in optimizing the content and carefully selecting the target audience for sure results. Our tested digital marketing strategies are 100% result oriented and cost 90% less than other digital advertiser.


BusinessKrafts is all about solutions to businesses to reach their target market grow rapidly and stand ahead of competition. Though our primary activities are: advertising, marketing, branding, PR and growth funnelling for businesses, we don’t deploy any traditional method; but do everything in a highly strategic, cost effective, measurable, achievable, reliable, target oriented, inbound and immersive digital way.


We help 
grow and go global!

BusinessKrafts offers some essential services to businesses so that they can grow rapidly nationally and internationally without any headache. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is. In a digital era, what matters much is that whether you’re opting for online solutions in terms website, marketing and branding. We provide insights, supports, solutions and services to all business types for enabling them to reach their target market through tested digital channels. We ensure low marketing cost and heavy return.


We provide strategic solutions!

All the crucial services you need for establishing your business and earning from it are now available at a single platform. Check our ranges of services.

Business Consulting

With years of research, experience and close supervision, we know many growth secrets. Let’s help your business grow.

business meeting

Market Research

Validating a idea is always crucial. Let’s see how much your preliminary idea fisible for the market and how can we improve it.

Strategic Planning

Businesses fail due to due to lack of adequate planning and valid strategies. Let’s plan for your goal so that it can be achieved easily.

Build Your Own Brand

Branding a business requires multiple skill, techniques and strategies. Being the forerunner in this field, we expertise in all required aspects. We are always ready to take sincere accountability in providing brand status to your startup or small or medium business. Starting from preliminary requirements like designing logo and trademark development up to providing wider recognition and reputation through the digital channels, we serve our clients at each step systematically. At surprising low budget, get a unique identity and touch the sky.


Stand Ahead of Competition

We provide 100% FREE consultancy services for advertising and marketing strategies and business boost. Be relaxed and just ask us for an appointment. We will spend adequate hours in understanding your requirements and providing solutions. Even if you can not visit our office, you may ask us for assistant over e-mails. After knowing the required details of your business, we will prepare a custom strategic plan for you and e-mail you the same. We will prepare the strategic plans after systematic market research. We assure that you can beat your competitor through the solutions we provide to you.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

What really turned me over was the amount I spent and the amount I gained. Result was amazing


Boutique House

A guru in need is a guru indeed. Thank you so much for the priceless consulting. I’m getting new clients each hour.

Roshan Thakur

Airway Cargo

I’ve never estimated the power of Digital Marketing. You did a miracle for my chain of stores. Thanks for the help.

Prem Kumar

Fun Schools

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