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Author: Hema Mehta

Why Affiliate Marketing is a Great Idea to Grow Your Business

All great businesses love affiliate marketing for many reasons. It’s mostly about lead generation and sales. That is why Amazon or BlueHost loves affiliate channels. What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a commission-based model where an affiliate (publisher) sign up to an offer by an advertiser (retailer) to sell their products or services through…
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Email Marketing – What, Why and How

Although one of the oldest modes of online marketing, email marketing is yet an effective strategy to help businesses reach their target market. If used properly, this highly popular digital marketing technique can be cost-effective for you. So it’s crucial to understand email marketing in the best form. This article will help you in learning:…
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What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

Although Social Media Optimization (SMO) is sometimes used interchangeably with Social Media Marketing (SMM), there are many big differences between the two. While SMM is mostly about promoting products, services, brands, and websites on social media through paid advertisements, SMO is essentially about strategic activities on social platforms that can fulfill long term achievements like…
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SEO Basics – How to Do SEO

If you have a website or blog, you will definitely need to do SEO. SEO will help you get organic traffic to your site. It means, without paying to anyone, you can get adequate traffic if you are careful about SEO. If you do SEO correctly for your site, it’ll greatly affect your ranking and…
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Increase Website Traffic Fast: 45 Proven Ways

Isn’t your website or blog getting enough traffic? Are you very concerned about it? Don’t worry! Here I will tell you how to increase website traffic speedily for free. I’ll tell you some simple but highly effective ways that can help you grow traffic to your blog or website. Although here are 45 strategies to…
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Disadvantages of Free Hosting Plans?

Updated on April 26, 2020There are many things available on the internet for free of cost and some people are dangerously accustomed with the freemium models. However, freebies can’t help you if you are a business. Businesses need to invest some bucks in everything that they need to sustain and grow. This is highly applicable…
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How to Create a Professional Email Address for Your Business

There are a half dozen reasons why you should have a professional business email address. If you are running a business you need it. But how? This article will help you in creating a professional and email account for your business. You may get a free business email account or a premium account on paid…
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How to Get a Good Domain Name for Your Website

Updated on May 23, 2020 Getting a domain name is easy, but getting the right domain name isn’t. P R Sahoo Many businesses suffer just because they don’t have the right domain name for their websites. Indeed, choosing the best domain name is a crucial aspect both to your website and business.  Domain name affects…
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How to Register .ac.in, edu.in, res.in or .vidya.bharat Domain for Your College / University Website?

Updated on February 16, 2020Why An Academic Institute in India Requires a .ac.in or .edu.in Domain? A university or a research institute or a college enjoys prominence in any society. All the academic institutions are assumed by the society and by all of its institutions as the torch bearers those can help the society, nation…
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How We Lead Local SEO Ranking?

Updated on February 16, 2020Learn with a Practical Example on How Google Local Listing is Helpful to a Business Answering to a frequently asked question, I would love to answer with our own experiences. The question is – how Google local SEO can help a business getting better exposes in the market and accruing more…
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